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 Angel Episode: 1.05 Rm w/a Vu Angel Episode: 3.11 Birthday Angel/Buffy Character: Angelus Angel/Buffy Character: Rosenburg, Willow Angel/Buffy Relationship: Angel and Spike Angel/Buffy Relationship: Buffy and Faith Buffy Character: Bad Faith Buffy Character: Mayor Wilkins Buffy Episode: 1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth Buffy Episode: 3.06 Band Candy Buffy Episode: 3.09 The Wish Buffy Episode: 3.11 Gingerbread Buffy Episode: 3.14 Bad Girls Buffy Episode: 3.18 Earshot Buffy Episode: 4.10 Hush Buffy Episode: 6.16 Hell's Bells Buffy Episode: 6.17 Normal Again Buffy Episode: 6.21 Two to Go and 6.22 Grave Buffy Episode: 7.05 Selfless Buffy Quote: Becoming Buffy Quote: Passion Buffy Relationship: Buffy and Giles Buffy Relationship: Tara and Dawn Buffy Season: 6 Buffy Song: Rest in Peace

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