Adopted Out/Closed

Fanlistings that are no longer mine, for one reason or another. If you open on of these up, you can contact me and I may have old buttons or member lists for you!

Academia: Distance Learning (adopted out)
Actor: Shawn Ashmore (adopted out)
Actor: Jeremy Irons (adopted out)
Actress: Ashley Judd (closed)
Albums: The Glorious Burden [Iced Earth] (closed)
Albums: Horror Show [Iced Earth] (closed)
Animals: Armadillos (closed)
Animals: Black Mambas (closed)
Animals: Poison Dart Frogs (closed)
Animation: Stitch [Lilo and Stitch] (long story)
Characters: Payson Keeler [Make It Or Break It] (closed)
Characters: Captain Renard [Grimm] (closed)
Characters: Monroe [Grimm] (closed)
Characters: Phantom Dennis [Angel] (closed)
Characters: Robin Hood [Robin Hood] (closed)
Characters: Lancelot [King Arthur] (closed)
Characters: Jax Teller [Sons of Anarchy] (closed)
Fashion/Beauty: Ankh Pendants (closed)
Fashion/Beauty: Leotards (closed)
Food/Drinks: Fettuccine Alfredo (closed)
Food/Drinks: Orange Juice (adopted out)
Food/Drinks: Sundae Cones (closed)
Food/Drinks: Sweet Tea (adopted out)
Gymnastics: Jordyn Weiber (adopted out)
Gymnastics: Team Great Britain (closed)
History: Battle of Gettysburg (closed)
History: Cesare Borgia (closed)
History: Tyrants, study of (closed)
History: Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII (closed)
Literature: Dear America series (closed)
Literature: Royal Diaries series (closed)
Literature: Just Ella (closed)
Literature: Number the Stars (closed)
Misc: Faith's Knife [BtVS misc] (closed)
Misc: Zoe [Names] (closed)
Misc: Keroppi [Sanrio] (closed)
Movie: Iron Jawed Angels (closed)
Movie: Meet the Robinsons (closed)
Movielisting: The Hunger Games (closed)
Myth/Religion: Ankhs (closed)
Myth/Religion: Pope Francis (closed)
Myth/Religion: Valhalla (closed)
Nature: Eclipses (closed)
Organizations: Nat Assoc of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) (closed)
Organizations: Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) (closed)
Places: Smithsonian National Zoo (USA) (closed)
Places: St Charles, MO (USA) (closed)
Places: St Louis, MO (USA) (closed)
Pokemon: Aerodactyl (closed)
Pokemon: Beedrill (closed)
Pokemon: Chansey (closed)
Pokemon: Charmeleon (adopted out)
Sports: Atlanta Braves (closed)
Sports: Craig Kimbrel (closed)
Sports: Pittsburgh Steelers (closed)
TV Channel: BBC America (closed)
TV Channel: History Channel (adopted out)
TV Relationship: Cesare and Micheletto [The Borgias] (closed)
TV Show: Dance Moms (adopted out)
TV Show: Hex (closed)
Webmasters: Kriss/Loki (closed)

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